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吉揚(Gig Young1913 – 1978):美國電影、舞台和電視演員。通常擔任第二男主角或配角,演出80餘部。演《孤注一擲》(They Shoot Horses, Don't They?1969)獲得奧斯卡最佳男配角獎。


1940  Misbehaving Husbands

1941  神鎗手 (Sergeant York)【未列名】

1941  俯衝轟炸機 (Dive Bomber)【未列名】

1941  Navy Blues【未列名】

1941  One Foot in Heaven【未列名】

1941  馬革裹屍 (They Died with Their Boots On)【未列名】

1941  You're in the Army Now【未列名】

1942  Captains of the Clouds

1942  The Male Animal【未列名】

1942  The Mad Martindales

1942  The Gay Sisters

1943  Air Force

1943  Old Acquaintance

1947  永不放棄(Escape Me Never)

1948  The Woman in White

1948  新三劍客 (The Three Musketeers)

1948  Wake of the Red Witch

1949  Lust for Gold

1949  Tell It to the Judge

1950  Hunt the Man Down

1951  Target Unknown

1951  孤城英烈戰 (Only the Valiant)

1951  Slaughter Trail

1951  Come Fill the Cup【提名奧斯卡最佳男配角】

1951  彩鳳瑶琴 (Too Young to Kiss)

1952  You for Me

1952  Holiday for Sinners

1953  玉女雲裳 (The Girl Who Had Everything)

1953  City That Never Sleeps

1953  Arena

1953  情燄心聲 (Torch Song)

1954  倩女春心 (Young at Heart)

1954  逃亡(The Desperate Hours)

1957  電腦風雲 (Desk Set)

1958  教師之戀 (Teacher's Pet)【提名奧斯卡最佳男配角】

1958  春色撩人 (The Tunnel of Love)

1959  鳳求凰 (Ask Any Girl)

1959  The Story on Page One

1962  春泥濺花紅 (That Touch of Mink)

1962  脂粉拳王 (Kid Galahad)

1962  無情路 (Le Couteau dans la plaie / Five Miles to Midnight)

1963  金屋三鳳 (For Love or Money)

1963  飛天小老爺 (A Ticklish Affair)

1965  同床異夢 (Strange Bedfellows)

1967  禁室幽靈 (The Shuttered Room)

1969  孤注一擲 (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?)【獲得奧斯卡最佳男配角】

1970  Lovers and Other Strangers

1973  A Son-in-Law for Charlie McReady

1974  驚天動地搶人頭 (Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia)

1974  Un fiocco nero per Deborah (A Black Ribbon for Deborah)

1975  The Killer Elite

1975  興登堡遇難記 (The Hindenburg)

1978  死亡遊戲 (Game of Death)



    吉揚 (Gig Young)


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