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安東尼奎爾(Anthony Quayle1913 -1989) : 英國演員和戲劇導演。演安妮一千日 (Anne of the Thousand Days)獲得奧斯卡金像獎和金球獎提名。


1935  Moscow Nights【未列名】

1938  賣花女(Pygmalion)【未列名】

1948  王子復仇 (Hamlet)

1948  英雄難過美人關 (Saraband for Dead Lovers / Saraband)

1949  Train of Events【未列名】

1955  Oh... Rosalinda!!

1956  大西洋爭霸戰 (The Battle of the River Plate)

1956  伸冤記 (The Wrong Man)

1957  Woman in a Dressing Gown

1957  No Time for Tears

1958  The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

1958  恐怖之砂 (Ice Cold in Alex)

1959  Serious Charge

1959  Tarzan's Greatest Adventure

1960  The Challenge

1961  六壯士 (The Guns of Navarone)

1962  皇艦無敵號 (H.M.S. Defiant /Damn the Defiant!)

1962  阿拉伯的勞倫斯 (Lawrence of Arabia)

1964  大羅馬帝國 (The Fall of the Roman Empire)

1964  千里烽火緣 (East of Sudan)

1965  飛彈爆炸戰 (Operation Crossbow)

1965  A Study in Terror

1966  國際特攻戰 (The Poppy Is Also a Flower)

1967  Incompreso

1967  麥坎納淘金記 (Mackenna's Gold)

1969  Before Winter Comes

1969  安妮一千日 (Anne of the Thousand Days)

1972  性愛寶典 (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex / But Were Afraid to Ask)

1973  Bequest to the Nation

1974  激情 (The Tamarind Seed)

1976  猛鷹突擊兵團 (The Eagle Has Landed)

1977  2000年大毀滅 (Holocaust 2000 / The Chosen

1979  午夜追殺 (Murder by Decree)

1988  飲者傳奇(La Leggenda del santo bevitore)

1988  Buster

1989  Magdalene

1990  King of the Wind


    安東尼奎爾(Anthony Quayle)


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