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Ray Milland 雷密倫(1907–1986)威爾士演員和導演。影藝生涯從1929年到1985年。演出失去的週末 (The Lost Weekend)贏得奧斯卡最佳男主角獎。知名的作品有,野風 (Read the Wild Wind1942) 電話情殺案 (Dial M for Murder) ,以及愛的故事 (Love Story)


1928  Moulin Rouge未列名】

1931  Blonde Crazy

1934  Charlie Chan in London

1934  One Hour Late

1935  Alias Mary Dow

1935  The Glass Key

1936  The Return of Sophie Lang

1936  滿庭芳/春閨三鳳 (Three Smart Girls)

1937  Easy Living 6

1939  Hotel Imperial

1939  萬世流芳 (Beau Geste)

1940  沒有眼淚的法國人 (French Without Tears)

1940  香閣藏春 (The Doctor Takes a Wife)

1940  糸闥藏春 (The Doctor Takes a Wife)

1942  野風 (Read the Wild Wind)

1942  The Major and the Minor

1943  一世與一天 (Forever and a Day)

1944  嫦娥幻夢 (Lady in the Dark)

1944  The Uninvited

1944  此恨綿綿 (Till We Meet Again)

1944  Ministry of Fear

1945  風流貴婦 (Kitty)

1945  失去的週末 (The Lost Weekend)

1946  香檳鴛鴦 (Well-Groomed Bride)

1947  The Trouble with Women

1948  血濺大鐘樓 (The Big Clock)

1948  Sealed Verdict

1949  Alias Nick Beal

1949  春風吹又生 (It Happens Every Spring)

1950  她的一生 (A Life of Her Own)

1950  野俠遊鸞 (Copper Canyon)

1951  Rhubarb

1951  心心相印 (Close to My Heart)

1952  號角齊鳴 (Bugles in the Afternoon)

1952  斷腸相思 (Something to Live For)

1952  原子窃賊 (The Thief)

1954  電話情殺案 (Dial M for Murder)

1955  紅顏恨史 (The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing)

1955  金鎗獨行俠 (A Man Alone)

1956  里斯本 (Lisbon)

1956  海軍共諜案(Three Brave Men) 

1957  江湖男女 (The River's Edge)

1962  生與死 (The Premature Burial)

1962  Panic in Year Zero!

1963  謎眼 (X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes)

1964  The Confession (Quick, Let's Get Married)

1970  愛的故事 (Love Story)

1974  鐵金剛勇破黃金黨 (Gold)

1978  星際大爭霸 (Battlestar Galactica)

1978  愛情的故事續集 (Oliver's Story)

1984  Serpiente de mar (The Sea Serpent)



1955  金鎗獨行俠 (A Man Alone)

1956  里斯本 (Lisbon)

1958  The Safecracker

1962  Panic in Year Zero!

1968  Hostile Witness



    雷密倫 (Ray Milland)


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