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泰雷湯馬斯 (Terry-Thomas1911 – 1990) :1950年代和1960年代,為人熟知的英國喜劇演員。


1933  The Private Life of Henry VIII.【未列名】

1935  The Ghost Goes West【未列名】

1941  Quiet Wedding【未列名】

1949  Melody Club

1956  The Green Man

1957  The Naked Truth (Your Past Is Showing)

1957  Blue Murder at St. Trinian's

1958  Happy Is the Bride

1958  指姆仙童 (Tom Thumb)

1959  Too Many Crooks

1959  Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (Man in a Cocked Hat)

1959  I'm All Right Jack

1960  School for Scoundrels

1960  Make Mine Mink

1961  春城無處不飛花 (Bachelor Flat)

1962  奇妙世界 (The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm)

1963  The Mouse on the Moon

1963  瘋狂世界 (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World)

1965  失妻記 (How to Murder Your Wife)

1965  同床異夢 (Strange Bedfellows)

1965  飛行世紀 (Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines)

1966  怪胎一族歷險記 (Munster, Go Home!)

1966  La grande vadrouille

1967  七對八 (Top Crack)

1967  寶琳歷險記 (The Perils of Pauline)

1937  風月寶鑑 (A Guide for the Married Man)【未列名】

1968  春眠不覺曉 (Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?)

1968  異想天開 (Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River)

1968  大春潮 (How Sweet It Is!)

1969  Sette volte sette (Seven Times Seven)

1969  2000 Years Later

1969  疾速龍虎鬥 (Monte Carlo or Bust!)

1969  十三吉祥 (12 + 1)

1971  The Abominable Dr. Phibes

1972  Colpo grosso... grossissimo... anzi probabile

1975  Closed Up-Tight

1980  Febbre a 40! (Happy Birthday, Harry)



    泰雷湯馬斯 (Terry-Thomas)


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