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丹地利 (Dan Dailey1915 –1978) : 美國舞者和演員。曾演出近70部影片。


1940  Susan and God【未列名】

1940  The Mortal Storm

1940  The Captain Is a Lady

1940  Dulcy

1941  The Wild Man of Borneo

1941  Washington Melodrama

1941  齊格菲女郎(Ziegfeld Girl)

1941  Down in San Diego

1941  Lady Be Good

1941  Moon Over Her Shoulder

1942  Give Out, Sisters

1943  從軍樂 (This Is the Army)【未列名】

1947  金縷霓裳 (Mother Wore Tights)

1948  銷魂艶舞 (When My Baby Smiles at Me)

1949  Chicken Every Sunday

1950  When Willie Comes Marching Home

1950  西遊記 (A Ticket to Tomahawk)

1950  藍天堂 (My Blue Heaven)

1951  情泛東京 (Call Me Mister)

1951  I Can Get It for You Wholesale

1952  The Pride of St. Louis

1952  What Price Glory

1953  Taxi

1953  Meet Me at the Fair

1953  洛陽女兒對門居 (The Girl Next Door)

1953  父子英豪 (The Kid from Left Field)

1954  娛樂世界 (There's No Business Like Show Business)

1955  美景良辰 (It's Always Fair Weather)

1956  賭城豔遇 (Meet Me in Las Vegas)

1956  舞台春色 (The Best Things in Life Are Free)

1957  碧血濺長空 (The Wings of Eagles)

1957  啼笑姻緣路 (The Wayward Bus)

1960  小人物狂想史 (Pepe)

1962  天涯遊子淚 (Adventures of a Young Man)

1963  Las cuatro noches de la luna llena (Four Nights of the Full Moon)

1977  The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover


    丹地利 (Dan Dailey)


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