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葛蘿莉亞海雯 (Gloria DeHaven1925 –2016) :美國演員和歌手。


1936  摩登時代 (Modern Times)【未列名】

1940  Susan and God

1940  Keeping Company

1941  The Penalty

1941  Two-Faced Woman【未列名】

1943  紅樓春夢(Best Foot Forward)

1943  萬眾歡騰 (Thousands Cheer)

1944  Broadway Rhythm

1944  Two Girls and a Sailor

1944  Step Lively

1944  The Thin Man Goes Home

1945  Between Two Women

1948  Summer Holiday

1949  Scene of the Crime

1949  Yes Sir, That's My Baby

1949  海棠淚 (The Doctor and the Girl)

1950  胡塗司機 (The Yellow Cab Man)

1950  仙侶霓裳 (Three Little Words)

1950  萬花錦繡 (Summer Stock)

1950  I'll Get By

1951  Two Tickets to Broadway

1952  Down Among the Sheltering Palms

1954  如此巴黎 (So This Is Paris)

1955  The Girl Rush

1975  The Zodiac Murders

1976  妙狗拯救好萊塢 (Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood)

1979  Bog

1990  The Ladies on Sweet Street

1995  Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart

1997  神現一氣活對寶 (Out to Sea)


    葛蘿莉亞海雯 (Gloria DeHaven)


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