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維琴妮雅麥金娜 (Virginia McKenna1931) :英國舞台和影視女演員,作家和野生動活動家為人熟知的電影作品有: 血戀 (A Town Like Alice)女英烈傳 (Carve Her Name with Pride)獅子與我 (Born Free)Ring of Bright Water (1969)。亦參與「生而自由基金會」 (Born Free Foundation)工作。

演出的電影 :

1952  Father's Doing Fine

1952  The Second Mrs. Tanqueray

1953  無情海 (The Cruel Sea)

1953  The Oracle (The Horse's Mouth)

1955  血印情心 (Simba)

1955  The Ship1959 That Died of Shame (PT Raiders)

1956  (A Town Like Alice)

1957  紅樓春怨 (The Barretts of Wimpole Street)

1957  The Smallest Show on Earth (Big Time Operators)

1958  女英烈傳 (Carve Her Name with Pride)

1958  Passionate Summer (Storm over Jamaica)

1959  怒海爭雄 (The Wreck of the Mary Deare)

1961  Two Living, One Dead

1966  獅子與我 (Born Free)

1969  Ring of Bright Water

1970  An Elephant Called Slowly

1970  滑鐵盧戰役 (Waterloo)

1974  Swallows and Amazons

1977  The Disappearance

1977  2000年大毀滅(Holocaust 2000 / The Chosen)

1982  Blood Link

1994  Staggered

1998  雙面情人 (Sliding Doors)

2010  Love/Loss

2016  Golden Years

2019  寡婦之行 (Widows Walk)

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