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裘莉哈里絲 (Julie Harris1925 –2013) :美國女演員,以演古典和現代舞台劇著稱。曾獲得五座戲劇類最佳女主角東尼獎。以《燭花之夜》(The Member of the Wedding1952) 競逐最佳女主角奧斯卡獎。

演出的電影 :

1952  燭花之夜 (The Member of the Wedding)

1955  天倫夢覺 (East of Eden)

1955  I Am a Camera

1957  歷盡滄桑一男人 (The Truth About Women)

1958  Sally's Irish Rogue  (The Poacher's Daughter)

1962  日暮途窮 (Requiem for a Heavyweight)

1963  邪屋 (The Haunting)

1964  Hamlet

1966  梟巢掃蕩戰 (Harper)

1966  You're a Big Boy Now

1967  春色撩人夜 (Reflections in a Golden Eye)

1968  The Split

1968  Journey to Midnight

1970  The People Next Door

1975  The Hiding Place

1976  海上驚魂三十天 (Voyage of the Damned)

1979  The Bell Jar

1983  Brontë

1988  迷霧森林十八年 (Gorillas In The Mist: The Story Of Dian Fossey)

1992  一屋半妻 (HouseSitter)

1993  人鬼雙胞胎 (The Dark Half)

1996  Carried Away

1997  Bad Manners

1998  Passaggio per il paradiso (Passage to Paradise)

1999  五月情懷 (The First Of May)

2006  The Way Back Home

2008  The Golden Boys

2009  The Lightkeepers


    裘莉哈里絲 (Julie Harris)


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