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蘇曼莎艾嘉 (Samantha Eggar1939) : 英美退休的女演員,曾演出百餘部影視片。在莎士比亞劇院開始職業生涯後,她因在驚悚片蝴蝶春夢 (The Collector)中的表演而聲名崛起,該片獲得了金球獎和奧斯卡最佳女主角提名。

演出的電影 :

1962  The Wild and the Willing (Young and Willing)

1963  風流醫生俏護士 (Doctor in Distress)

1963  Dr. Crippen

1964  Psyche 59

1965  蝴蝶春夢 (The Collector)

1965  歷劫餘生 (Return from the Ashes)

1966  櫻都春曉 (Walk, Don't Run)

1967  杜立德先生 (Doctor Dolittle)

1970  007苦戰鐵金剛 (The Molly Maguires)

1970  The Walking Stick

1970  The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun

1971  世界的邊緣 (The Light at the Edge of the World)

1972  L'etrusco uccide ancora (The Dead Are Alive!)

1972  A Name for Evil

1976  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

1977  Welcome to Blood City

1977  Why Shoot the Teacher?

1977  九命怪貓 (The Uncanny)

1978  大戰役 (Il grande attacco / The Greatest Battle)

1979  The Brood

1980  The Exterminator

1981  惡魔:死亡使者 (Demonoid: Messenger of Death)

1981  The Hot Touch

1983  Curtains

1990  Ragin' Cajun

1992  Round Numbers

1992  神駒少女崎嶇路 (Dark Horse)

1994  Inevitable Grace

1996  轟天奇兵 (The Phantom)

1999  太空異種 (Astronaut's Wife)


    蘇曼莎艾嘉 (Samantha Eggar)


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