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雷夫李察遜 (Ralph Richardson1902 –1983) :英國演員,與John GielgudLaurence Olivier三人,在20世紀的大部分時間裡是英國舞台的重要人物。電影職業生涯演出60多部電影。兩度提名競逐奧斯卡最佳男配角獎,千金小姐 (The Heiress)和《泰山王子》(GreystokeThe Legend of Tarzan, Lord of Apes1984)

演出的電影 (部分) :

1933  The Ghoul

1933  Friday the Thirteenth

1934  The Return of Bulldog Drummond

1938  衛城記 (The Citadel)

1939  The Four Feathers

1939  The Silver Fleet

1942  The Day Will Dawn (The Avengers)

1943  The Silver Fleet

1946  School for Secrets (Secret Flight)

1948  春殘夢斷 (Anna Karenina)

1948  殞落的偶像 (The Fallen Idol)

1949  千金小姐 (The Heiress)

1951  島上流浪者 (Outcast of the Islands)

1952  Murder on Monday

1952  一飛冲天 (The Sound Barrier / Breaking the Sound Barrier)

1952  The Holly and the Ivy

1955  李查王三世 (Richard III)

1956  笑面神童 (Smiley)

1957  The Passionate Stranger (A Novel Affair)

1959  諜海群龍 (Our Man in Havana)

1960  出埃及記 (Exodus)

1962  長夜漫漫 (Long Day's Journey Into Night)

1962  決死雄師 (The 300 Spartans)

1964  美人局 (Woman of Straw)

1965  齊瓦哥醫生 (Doctor Zhivago)

1966  瘋狂世家 (The Wrong Box)

1966  戰國春秋 (Khartoum)

1969  Oh! What a Lovely War

1969  The Bed Sitting Room

1969  不列顛之戰 (Battle of Britain)

1972  Eagle in a Cage

1972  懾魄驚魂 (Tales from the Crypt)

1973  幸運的人 (O Lucky Man!)

1975  滾球大戰. (Rollerball)

1981  向上帝借時間 (Time Bandits)

1983  Invitation to the Wedding

1984  泰山王子 (GreystokeThe Legend of Tarzan, Lord of Apes)

1984  Give My Regards to Broad Street



    雷夫李察遜 (Ralph Richardson)


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