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魯賓馬莫利安 (Rouben Mamoulian1897 – 1987) : was an American film and theatre director.

執導的影片 :

1929  Applause

1931  City Streets

1931  化身博士 (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

1932  Love Me Tonight

1933  戀歌 (The Song of Songs)

1933  瓊宮恨史 (Queen Christina)

1934  We Live Again

1935  Becky Sharp

1936  放蕩的惡漢 (The Gay Desperado)

1937  High, Wide, and Handsome

1939  黃金小子 (Golden Boy)

1940  寶劍留痕 (The Mark of Zorro)

1941  碧血黃沙 (Blood and Sand)

1942  卿本佳人 (Rings on Her Fingers)

1948  Summer Holiday

1957  玻璃絲襪 (Silk Stockings)

1959  乞丐與蕩婦 (Porgy and Bess)【未列名】

    魯賓馬莫利安 (Rouben Mamoulian)

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