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莎莉安菲爾 (Shirley Anne Field1936 –) : 英國女演員,自1955年以來一直在舞台,電影和電視上演出。


1955  香閨趣史 (Simon and Laura)

1956  Lost (Tears for Simon)

1956  It's Never Too Late

1956  It's a Wonderful World

1956  絲襪風波 (The Silken Affair)【未列名】

1957  The Good Companions

1957  The Flesh Is Weak

1957  雷鳴七嚮 (Seven Thunders)【未列名】

1959  黑色博物館 (Horrors of the Black Museum)

1959  風流下女 (Upstairs and Downstairs)【未列名】

1960  光頭冤家 (Once More, with Feeling!)

1960  And the Same to You

1960  Peeping Tom

1960  藝人 (The Entertainer)

1960  Beat Girl (Wild for Kicks)

1960  年少莫輕狂 (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)

1960  Jungle Street (Jungle Street Girls)

1962  戰火佳人 (The War Lover)

1962  The Damned

1963  太陽王 (Kings of the Sun) 

1963  Lunch Hour

1966  Marcia nuziale (The Wedding March)

1966  風流奇男子 (Alfie)

1967  Hell Is Empty

1985  豪華洗衣店 (My Beautiful Laundrette)

1989  Shag

1989  Getting It Right

1989  The Rachel Papers

1991  Hear My Song

1993  自由女英豪 (Taking Liberty)

2000  Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry

2010  The Kid

2011  The Power of Three


    莎莉安菲爾 (Shirley Anne Field)


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