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安東尼史提爾 (Anthony Steel1920 – 2001) :英國演員和歌手,以在1950年代的英國戰爭電影,例如《The Wooden Horse(1950),以及萬獸爭王 (Where No Vultures Fly),還有與安妮泰艾格寶 (Anita Ekberg)的婚姻聞名。

演出的電影(部分) :

1948  英雄難過美人關 (Saraband for Dead Lovers)【未列名】

1949  Portrait from Life (Lost Daughter)

1949  Once Upon a Dream

1949  Marry Me

1949  發現美洲第一人 (Christopher Columbus)【未列名】

1949  Poet's Pub【未列名】

1949  Don't Ever Leave Me

1949  Trottie True (The Gay Lady)

1949  he Chiltern Hundreds (The Amazing Mr. Beecham)

1950  The Blue Lamp【未列名】

1950  The Wooden Horse

1950  維多利亞女皇傳 (The Mudlark)

1951  Laughter in Paradise

1951  萬獸爭王 (Where No Vultures Fly)

1951  狼虎年華 (Another Man's Poison)

1952  Emergency Call (The Hundred Hour Hunt)

1953  生死一戰 (Malta Story)

1953  劍底游龍 (The Master of Ballantrae)

1953  Albert, R.N. (Break to Freedom)

1954  戰海驚濤 (The Sea Shall Not Have Them)

1954  West of Zanzibar

1955  Passage Home

1955  四羽毛 (Storm Over the Nile)

1957  Valerie

1958  A Question of Adultery (A Question of Infidelity)

1958  獵虎英雄不了情 (Harry Black and the Tiger)

1959  Luna de miel (Honeymoon)

1960  La vendetta dei barbari (Revenge of the Barbarians)

1963  A Matter of Choice

1964  Winnetou - 2. Teil (Winnetou: The Red Gentleman)

1966  四美圖 (The Queens)

1967  Hell Is Empty

1968  登陸安其奧 (Anzio)

1969  Häschen in der Grube (Rabbit in the Pit)

1973  屠殺令 (Rappresaglia /Massacre in Rome)

1980  破鏡謀殺案 (The Mirror Crack'd)

1981  The Monster Club


    安東尼史提爾 (Anthony Steel)


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