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鮑伯霍伯 (Bob Hope1903 –2003):英裔美籍喜劇演員、歌手、舞蹈家、運動員和作家。上世紀20年代初開始他的表演工作,最初在舞台上,之後在廣播和電影。職業生涯跨越近80年,演出70多部電影和短片,曾主持奧斯卡頒獎典禮19次。


1934  Going Spanish 【短片】

1938  Give Me a Sailor

1939  Never Say Die

1939  The Cat and the Canary

1940  南國之春 (Road to Singapore)

1940  The Ghost Breakers

1941  Road to Zanzibar

1941  Nothing But the Truth

1942  My Favorite Blonde

1942  荒漠迷宮 (Road to Morocco)

1943  諜網情鴛 (They Got Me Covered)

1944  新鏡花緣 (The Princess and the Pirate)

1945  雪裡紅 (Road to Utopia)

1946  理髮師萬歲 (Monsieur Beaucaire)

1947  香艶親王 (My Favorite Brunette)

1947  Where There's Life

1947  冒險家的樂園 (Road to Rio)

1948  脂粉雙鎗俠 (The Paleface)

1949  Sorrowful Jones

1949  The Great Lover

1950  Fancy Pants

1951  檸檬少爺 (The Lemon Drop Kid)

1951  My Favorite Spy

1952  戲王之王 (The Greatest Show on Earth)【未列名】

1952  脂粉雙鎗俠之子 (Son of Paleface)

1952  春滿巴里島 (Road to Bali)

1953  Here Come the Girls

1954  冒牌劍俠 (Casanova's Big Night)

1955  七小福 (The Seven Little Foys)

1956  魚水重歡 (That Certain Feeling)

1956  鐵娘子 (The Iron Petticoat)

1957  Beau James

1958  荒唐大英雄 (Paris Holiday)

1959  唐雙鎗俠 (Alias Jesse James)

1960  從心所願 (The Facts of Life)

1961  王老五天堂 (Bachelor in Paradise)

1962  春滿香港 (The Road to Hong Kong)

1963  荒唐歷險記 (Call Me Bwana)

1964  A Global Affair

1965  I'll Take Sweden

1966  假鳳虛凰 (Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!)

1967  天降財神 (Eight on the Lam)

1968  皆大歡喜 (The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell)

1969  How to Commit Marriage

1972  Cancel My Reservation

1985  Spies Like Us 【客串】

1994  That Little Monster 【未列名】



    鮑伯霍伯 (Bob Hope)


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