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珍泰妮 (Gene Tierney1920 –1991):美國電影和舞台演員。被譽為她那一代的的大美人。她的代表作是《羅蘭秘記》和《Leave Her to Heaven》,後者獲得奧斯卡獎最佳女主角獎提名。


1940  新蕩寇誌 (The Return of Frank James)

1941  Hudson's Bay

1941  Tobacco Road

1941  女羅賓漢 (Belle Starr)

1941  落日浴血記 (Sundown)

1941  上海風光 (The Shanghai Gesture)

1942  怒火情焰 (Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake)

1942  卿本佳人 (Rings on Her Fingers)

1942  Thunder Birds: Soldiers of the Air

1942  中國女郎 (China Girl)

1943  Heaven Can Wait

1944  羅蘭秘記 (Laura)

1945  A Bell for Adano

1945  狂戀 (Leave Her to Heaven)

1946  無後為大 (Dragonwyck)

1946  剃刀邊緣 (The Razor's Edge)

1947  幽靈與未亡人 (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)

1948  The Iron Curtain

1948  That Wonderful Urge

1950  Whirlpool

1950  黑地獄 (Night and the City) 

1950  鐵手金剛 (Where the Sidewalk Ends)

1951  The Mating Season

1951  On the Riviera

1951  The Secret of Convict Lake

1951  心心相印 (Close to My Heart)

1952  俠義美英雄 (Way of a Gaucho)

1952  怒海雄風 (Plymouth Adventure)

1953  Never Let Me G

1953  Personal Affair

1954  埃及人 (The Egyptian)

1954  黑寡婦 (Black Widow)

1955  亂世情天 (The Left Hand of God)

1962  Advise & Consent

1963  玉樓春怨 (Toys in the Attic)

1963  Las cuatro noches de la luna llena (Four Nights of the Full Moon)

1964  蝶戀花嬌 (The Pleasure Seekers)

    珍泰妮 (Gene Tierney)

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