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李莉柏瑪 (Lilli Palmer1914 –1986) : 德國女演員和作家。1930年代在英國電影界開始職業生涯。之後,到好萊塢發展。演出雙鳳嬉龍 (But Not for Me)獲得金球獎提名。

演出的電影 (部分) :

1933  Rivaux de la piste

1935  Crime Unlimited

1936  間諜末日 (Secret Agent)

1937  Good Morning, Boys

1937  Command Performance

1938  Crackerjack (The Man with 100 Faces)

1939  A Girl Must Live

1942  Thunder Rock

1944  English Without Tears (Her Man Gilbey)

1945  The Rake's Progress (Notorious Gentleman)

1946  Beware of Pity

1946  魔域喋血記 (Cloak and Dagger)

1947  靈與欲 (Body and Soul)

1948  My Girl Tisa

1952  四張廣告 (The Four Poster)

1956  Zwischen Zeit und Ewigkeit (Between Time and Eternity)

1957  Der gläserne Turm (The Glass Tower)

1957  Les amants de Montparnasse (Montparnasse 19)

1958  一襲青衣處女心 (Madchen in Uniform)

1958  雙鳳嬉龍 (But Not for Me)

1960  Frau Warrens Gewerbe (Mrs. Warren's Profession)

1960  烽火孤兒聖女心 (Conspiracy of Hearts)

1961  良辰佳侶 (The Pleasure of His Company)

1962  Leviathan (Dark Journey)

1962  偽叛國者(The Counterfeit Traitor)

1963  白馬將軍 (Miracle of the White Stallions)

1965  飛彈爆炸戰 (Operation Crossbow)

1965  弄情記 (The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders)

1965  Le tonnerre de Dieu (God's Thunder)

1968  國際密碼戰(Sebastian)

1968  Oedipus the King

1969  La residencia (The House That Screamed)

1970  女諜王瑪泰哈莉 (Children of Mata Hari)

1975  Lotte in Weimar

1978  納粹大屠殺(The Boys from Brazil)

1982  Feine Gesellschaft - beschränkte Haftung (High Society Limited)

1985  末代納粹特勤團(The Holcroft Covenant)


    李莉柏瑪 (Lilli Palmer)


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