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約翰倫特 (John Lund1911–1992) : 美國電影、舞台和廣播演員,他最出名的演出是電影《柏林艷史(A Foreign Affair1948)風流種子 (To Each His Own)

演出的電影 :

1946  風流種子 (To Each His Own)

1947  寶蓮歷險記 (The Perils of Pauline)

1947  Variety Girl

1948  柏林艷史 (A Foreign Affair)

1948  Night Has a Thousand Eyes

1948  Miss Tatlock's Millions

1949  Bride of Vengeance

1949  My Friend Irma

1950  萬劫紅蓮 (No Man of Her Own)

1950  My Friend Irma Goes West

1950  碧水飛鸞 (Duchess of Idaho)

1951  The Mating Season

1951  Darling, How Could You!

1952  鋼城火花 (Steel Town)

1952  血戰葫蘆關 (The Battle at Apache Pass)

1952  百勝神威 (Bronco Buster)

1952  Just Across the Street

1953  Woman They Almost Lynched

1953  拉丁情人 (Latin Lovers)

1955  碧血丹盟 (White Feather)

1955  Five Guns West

1955  鐵腕柔情 (Chief Crazy Horse)

1956  海空血戰 (Battle Stations)

1956  上流社會 (High Society)

1960  老爺軍艦少爺兵 (The Wackiest Ship in the Army)

1956  Dakota Incident

1957  Affair in Reno

1960  The Wackiest Ship in the Army

1962  意中人 (If a Man Answers)


    約翰倫特 (John Lund)

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