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羅斯坦布林 (Russ Tamblyn1934) :美國影視演員和舞者。年輕時接受過體操訓練。冷暖人間 (Peyton Place),獲得奧斯卡最佳男配角提名。

演出的電影 (部分) :

1948  慘綠少年 (The Boy with Green Hair)【未列名】

1949  恐怖時代 (Reign of Terror)【未列名】

1949  霸王妖姬 (Samson and Delilah)

1949  Captain Carey, U.S.A

1950  美豔親王 (Father of the Bride)

1951  玉女弄璋 (Father's Little Dividend)

1951  As Young as You Feel

1952  38線浴血戰 (Retreat, Hell!)

1952  The Winning Team

1953  陣地爭奪戰 (Take the High Ground)

1954  七對佳偶 (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

1954  一曲情深 (Deep in My Heart)【未列名】

1955  過關斬將 (Many Rivers to Cross)

1955  碧海春光 (Hit the Deck)

1956  最後的狩獵 (The Last Hunt)

1956  無敵神槍手 (The Fastest Gun Alive)

1956  The Young Guns

1957  近水樓台先得月 (Don't Go Near the Water)

1957  冷暖人間 (Peyton Place)

1958  High School Confidential!

1958  指姆仙童 (Tom Thumb)

1960  西馬龍 (Cimarron)

1961  西城故事 (West Side Story)

1962  奇妙世界 (The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm)

1962  西部開拓史 (How the West Was Won)

1963  追男記 (Follow the Boys)

1963  邪屋 (The Haunting)

1964  長船 (The Long Ships)

1965  虎父虎子 (Son of a Gunfighter)

1966  地底大怪獸 (The War of the Gargantuas)

1969  Satan's Sadists

1969  Scream Free!

1971  The Female Bunch

1971  The Last Movie

1976  The Captive: The Longest Drive 2

1982  Human Highway

1993  Little Devils: The Birth

1998  Little Miss Magic

2000  Inviati speciali

2011  落日車神(Drive)

2012  決殺令(Django Unchained)

2014  雙峰:遺失的碎片(Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces)

2015  Chatty Catties

2016  Paint It Black


    羅斯坦布林 (Russ Tamblyn)


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