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丹尼斯摩根 (Dennis Morgan1908–1994)美國演員。最初在好萊塢演些小角色。和琴裘羅吉絲 (Ginger Rogers)演《女人萬歲》(Kitty Foyle1940)後成名。影藝生涯演了80部影片。在1950年代後期退休,偶爾客串演出

演出的影片 :

1933  Chance at Heaven【未列名】

1936  I Conquer the Sea!

1936  歌舞大王齊格飛 (The Great Ziegfeld)【未列名】

1936  蘇西 (Suzy)

1937  Song of the City

1937  海軍學員 (Navy Blue and Gold)

1938  銀翼春秋 (Men with Wings)

1938  King of Alcatraz

1939  X博士歸來 (The Return of Doctor X)

1939  Persons In Hiding

1939  No Place to Go

1940  戰鬥六十九 (The Fighting 69th)

1940  3 Cheers for the Irish

1940  女人萬歲 (Kitty Foyle)

1941  你最親愛的 (Affectionately Yours)

1942  空軍英雄 (Captains of the Clouds)

1943  斷腸花 / 姐妹情仇 (In This Our Life)

1943  桃李飄零 (The Hard Way)

1943  幸運之星 (Thank Your Lucky Stars)

1943  大漠之歌 (The Desert Song)

1944  Shine on Harvest Moon

1944  The Very Thought of You

1944  好萊塢餐廳 (Hollywood Canteen)

1945  上帝是我的副駕駛 (God Is My Co-Pilot)

1945  下床夫妻 (Christmas in Connecticut)

1946  One More Tomorrow

1946  Two Guys from Milwaukee

1946  佳人有約 (The Time, the Place and the Girl)

1947  單槍匹馬 (Cheyenne)

1947  我的愛爾蘭野玫瑰 (My Wild Irish Rose)

1948  To the Victor

1948  桃花美人 (One Sunday Afternoon)

1949  銀河彩鳳 (It's a Great Feeling)

1949  魚龍戲鳳 (The Lady Takes a Sailor)

1950  Perfect Strangers

1950  Pretty Baby

1951  血海群龍 (Raton Pass)

1951  彩雲妃子 (Painting the Clouds with Sunshine)

1952  紅顏禍水 (This Woman Is Dangerous)

1955  南海採珠記 (Pearl of the South Pacific)

1956  Uranium Boom

1968  Rogue's Gallery

1976  妙狗拯救好萊塢 (Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood)


    丹尼斯摩根 (Dennis Morgan)


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