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白蓓蘭露茜 (Barbara Rush1927) :美國女演員。演出《It Came from Outer Space(1953)獲得金球獎最有前途的女性新人獎。職業生涯後期,演電視連續劇《Peyton Place》,以及電視電影和迷你劇。


1950  The Goldbergs

1951  Quebec

1951  The First Legion

1951  當世界毀滅時 (When Worlds Collide)

1952  肉搏黑旋風 (Flaming Feather)

1953  Prince of Pirates

1953  It Came from Outer Space

1954  高器之子 (Taza, Son of Cochise)

1954  地老天荒不了情 (Magnificent Obsession)

1954  護國勤王 (The Black Shield of Falworth)

1955  愛爾蘭民族英雄傳 (Captain Lightfoot)

1955  火之吻 (Kiss of Fire)

1956  雄風蓋世 (World in My Corner)

1956  狂夫淑婦 (Bigger Than Life)

1956  Flight to Hong Kong

1957  Oh, Men! Oh, Women!

1957  風雨日光村 (No Down Payment)

1958  百戰狂獅 (The Young Lions)

1958  獵虎英雄不了情 (Harry Black and the Tiger)

1959  文君怨 (The Young Philadelphians)

1960  生死恨 (The Bramble Bush)

1960  相逢何必曾相識 (Strangers When We Meet)

1960  花花公子 (Come Blow Your Horn)

1964  羅賓七漢 (Robin and the 7 Hoods)

1967  野郎 (Hombre)

1969  Strategy of Terror

1972  The Man

1973  Superdad

1973  Can't Stop the Music

1980  夏日戀人(Summer Lovers)

    白蓓蘭露茜 (Barbara Rush)

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