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雪莉伊頓 (Shirley Eaton1937–) : 英國女演員,作家和模特兒。影藝生涯在1950年代和1960年代的英國電影。最為人熟記的演出是金手指 (Goldfinger)中扮演龐德女郎,金色塗滿全身。

演出的電影 :

1953  Personal Affair【未列名】

1953  A Day to Remember【未列名】

1954  You Know What Sailors Are【未列名】

1954  春滿杏林 (Doctor in the House)

1954  The Belles of St. Trinian's【未列名】

1955  The Love Match

1956  Charley Moon

1956  Sailor Beware (Panic in the Parlor)

1956  Three Men in a Boat

1957  春色無邊滿人間 (Doctor at Large)

1957  Date with Disaster

1957  The Naked Truth (Your Past Is Showing)

1958  Carry on Sergeant

1958  Further Up the Creek

1959  Carry on Nurse

1959  In the Wake of a Stranger

1960  Life Is a Circus

1960  Carry on, Constable

1961  A Weekend with Lulu

1961  Nearly a Nasty Accident

1961  Dentist on the Job

1961  What a Carve Up! (No Place Like Homicide!)

1963  The Girl Hunters

1964  Rhino!

1964  金手指 (Goldfinger)

1965  The Naked Brigade

1965  Ten Little Indians

1966  縱橫七洲洋 (Around the World Under the Sea)

1967  天降財神 (Eight on the Lam)

1967  The Million Eyes of Sumuru

1968  The Blood of Fu Manchu

1969  Die sieben Männer der Sumuru (The Girl from Rio)

    雪莉伊頓 (Shirley Eaton)

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