Michael Wilding -2   米高韋定 (Michael Wilding)   Michael Wilding -3

米高韋定 (Michael Wilding1912 – 1979):英國舞台、電視和電影演員。曾演出66部電影和電視劇。是伊麗莎白泰勒(Elizabeth Taylor)的第二任丈夫(1952 –  1957) 


1933  Heads We Go (The Charming Deceiver)【未列名】

1939  There Ain't No Justice

1940  Convoy

1940  Sailors Three (Three Cockeyed Sailors)

1940  Sailors Don't Care

1941  Spring Meeting (Three Wise Brides)

1941  Kipps (The Remarkable Mr. Kipps)

1941  Cottage to Let (Bombsight Stolen)

1942  效忠祖國 (In Which We Servee)

1943  Undercover (Underground Guerrillas)

1943  Dear Octopus

1944  English Without Tears (Her Man Gilbey)

1946  Piccadilly Incident

1946  Carnival

1947  Kathy's Love Affair

1947  An Ideal Husband

1948  Spring in Park Lane

1949  風流夜合花 (Under Capricorn)

1949  天孫織錦 (Maytime in Mayfair)

1950  欲海驚魂 (Stage Fright)

1950  Into the Blue (Man in the Dinghy)

1951  The Law and the Lady

1951  The Lady with a Lamp

1952  Derby Day

1952  Trent's Last Case

1953  情燄心聲 (Torch Song)

1954  埃及人 (The Egyptian)

1955  仙履姻緣 (The Glass Slipper)

1955  紅衣諜影 (The Scarlet Coat)

1956  力敵萬人 (Zarak)

1959  生死戰線 (Danger Within)

1960  蘇絲黃的世界 (The World of Suzie Wong)

1961  深閨驚魂 (The Naked Edge)

1961  最佳敵人 (The Best of Enemies)

1962  櫻都一美人 (A Girl Named Tamiko)

1968  Rose rosse per il führer (Code Name, Red Roses)

1968  The Sweet Ride

1970  滑鐵盧戰役 (Waterloo)

1972  癡情佳人 (Lady Caroline Lamb)


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