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羅利卡漢 (Rory Calhoun1922 – 1999):美國影視演員、編劇和製作人。 


1944  Sunday Dinner for a Soldier【未列名】

1945  鬪牛大王 (The Bullfighters)【未列名】

1945  仙壺幻境 (Where Do We Go from Here?)【未列名】

1945  The Great John L.

1947  The Red House

1948  Miraculous Journey

1949  Massacre River

1950  西遊記 (A Ticket to Tomahawk)

1950  霸海爭雄記 (Return of the Frontiersman)

1951  Rogue River

1951  桃源春暖 (I'd Climb the Highest Mountain)

1952  情淚心聲 (With a Song in My Heart)

1952  俠義美英雄 (Way of a Gaucho)

1953  The Silver Whip

1953  願嫁金龜婿 (How to Marry a Millionaire)

1954  大江東去 (River of No Return)

1954  拂曉鎗聲 (Dawn at Socorro) 

1954  綠野春濃 (A Bullet Is Waiting)

1955  Ain't Misbehavin'

1955  赤血軍魂 (The Treasure of Pancho Villa)

1956  Red Sundown

1957  The Big Caper

1957  獨戰五虎 (Domino Kid)

1958  The Saga of Hemp Brown

1960  Thunder in Carolina

1961  巨人島 (Il colosso di Rodi /The Colossus of Rhodes)

1962  馬可孛羅東遊記 (Marco Polo)

1963  The Gun Hawk

1964  Young Fury

1965  Black Spurs

1966  Il gioco delle spie (Our Men in Bagdad)

1967  Operación Dalila (Operation Delilah)

1968  Dayton's Devils

1969  La muchacha del Nilo (The Girl of the Nile)

1972  午夜魔兔 (Night of the Lepus)

1977  Love and the Midnight Auto Supply

1979  Revenge of Bigfoot

1980  Motel Hell

1984  Angel

1985  Avenging Angel

1988  Hell Comes to Frogtown

1989  Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force

1990  Bad Jim

1992  戀曲動我心 (Pure Country) 


    羅利卡漢 (Rory Calhoun)


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